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Cody's Journey

My name is Cody Spiritheart, and I believe in you and I always will.  I can help if you want to be the fullness of why you are here at this specific moment.  You are a very special person. 

Let me help you to let your light shine bright. The way I heal, and they way I teach, is based on tens of thousands of years of real healing and of real knowledge.  I use this ancient knowledge to give you every day practical tools so that you can use them right away to make real  improvements in your daily life.  


I believe that as you gain control over your daily life you also affect the world around you without having to force it upon others.  Your energy and efforts will become easier to live with.  You will become more at peace with yourself and those around you.  Most importantly, as you expand your understanding you gain a deeper respect for your spiritual journey, and those of others.

Cody offers

Shamanic Healing

Awakening your light body

Spiritual Counselling

Helping to heal injuries and pains

Psychic Surgery

Foreign Entity Removals

Spirit Cleansing of Properties

Releasing Trapped Spirits

Sacred Sound work

Drumming Workshops

Reiki Sessions


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